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Welcome to the 5th grade!

I hope everyone had a wonderful summer! I am very excited about this new school year to begin.

A few items to note:

*Please check this site regularly as I will update it frequently.  

*Each student has a student planner that they are expected to use to write down their nightly homework. You can also check online for their assignments as I will post the homework online after school each day. Please click below this message where it say's, "Classes: Ms. Bruno's 5th Grade Class" to subscribe to it.  

*School Speak will be updated regularly online. The office will give you a log-in for your child, but then you will need to create an account.
1.) If you see a "blank," that means the assignment has not been graded yet (possibly was not turned in yet, the student was absent or needed more time to finish it)
2.) If you see a "0," that means the assignment was not turned in (if your child says they did it, please have them look in their homework folder, desk, backpack or the "no-name" basket as they may not have put their name on the assignment).

Please feel free to email me with any question you may have: 

Thank you,
Ms. Bruno