Class of 2020 Spotlight » Sophia Ng

Sophia Ng

Sophia Ng


Favorite SFB Memory
Honestly, my favorite memory was unintentionally having everyone in my hiking group jump into a lake while it was raining in Yosemite.

Tradition/Event I Will Miss Most
The Walk-a-Thon and Christmas Concert were always fun. It'll be weird not going to it after 9 years.

What I'm Most Proud Of
I would say my most proud moment was when I got a $2,000 scholarship in 4th grade, but in all honesty, it was probably when I won/did well during a game in PE.

To Mr. B, who always understood everything and sat with me during recess when I was injured and couldn't play 4-square. Mr. B was really nice, funny and definitely memorable.

High School
Lowell High School