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SFB Go Green

St. Finn Barr launched our “Go Green 2013” campaign with several goals:
-       To form a “Green Team” of students, parents, and teachers dedicated to leading our greening efforts
-       To make composting available for student lunches five days per week
-       To avoid excessive use of paper
-       To maintain an organic vegetable garden and worm bin on campus
-       To reduce campus waste by 50%
-       To support low or no waste lunches
-       To increase awareness & action related to energy conservation, recycling, composting, and reusing
-       To beautify our urban campus with more trees, bushes, and plants
-       To support low-waste & healthy school and parent events 

Green Team Mission

St Finn Barr’s Green Team mission is to bring nature directly into the lives of our students. The garden provides an outdoor education experience, a “living laboratory,” where our children can learn about science, sustainability, healthy living and cooking. Getting our kids connected with nature is good for them! In the garden they learn useful skills: planting, mulching, and responsible watering. They work as a team towards a common goal, and experience the joy of seeing a plant grow and thrive. They become inspired by nature, learn where food comes from, and build an understanding of what is good for planet Earth!


Our Garden Program is supported by a team of dedicated teachers and parents who have transformed our schoolyard into an outdoor classroom - and we have much more work to do! Our Green Team plans include:

·      Planning and implementing a new Convent Garden.

·      Installing rainwater catchment systems.

·      Installing a worm bin and/or compost bin.

·      Expanding our garden planting space along our Hearst Street entry.

·      Implementing a Green Sustainability Effort or “Green Dream”


“Green Dream” aims to reduce the use of plastic and paper on the school site; increase recycling and composting; and model environmentally responsible behaviors. How can we do this?

·      Install air dryers in the bathrooms and eliminate tons of paper waste.

·      Make sure your child has re-useable water bottles and lunch containers.

·      Provide paper cups and plates at school parties and events (no more plastic and styrofoam!)

·      Ensure we have blue, green and black collection bins at all school-wide events.

·      Train our Upper Grade students to be Compost Monitors to teach younger children how to compost and recycle lunch waste.


We hold several Green Team maintenance and planning days on weekends throughout the school year - please come along to help and earn some Volunteer Hours!

Colette Gumm