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About Healthy Living at SFB

Healthy living at St. Finn Barr Catholic School encompasses physical, spiritual, and emotional health. As “compassionate children of God, critical thinkers, and life long learners,” our community supports students in learning the skills and developing the habits to live a happy, healthy life.

 A few important components of our program that support healthy living:

  Recess: St. Finn Barr students in all grades enjoy 45 minutes of active recess time, with students in K-2 including an additional 15 minute afternoon recess period each day.

-        CYO Physical Education Program: Rigorous, twice-weekly physical education classes to engage students in physical development and learning.

-        CYO Healthy Cooking Classes: Once per month, Chef Matt visits our campus to teach students in K-8 how to prepare a healthy meal. The recipes are shared with families to encourage healthy food preparation in the home.

-        Lunch Program: Lunch is available daily at St. Finn Barr, either through the SFB Lunch Program or through Choice Lunch. SFB’s menu is prepared by our school chef, Mrs. Darling Narvaez – she uses fresh ingredients and always includes a healthy fruit or veggie side. The Choice Lunch menu is developed according to nutrition standards, with options to accommodate students with common food allergies. For families who prefer to send their child to school with a lunch prepared at home, students are encouraged to bring healthy, low waste meals.

-        USF School-Based Counseling Program: St. Finn Barr students, faculty, and parents benefit from the guidance of our counselor provided by the USF School-based counseling program. This leader works on campus twice per week, meeting with individuals and groups of students, providing insight to faculty, and working with parents to develop healthy mental and emotional support systems for our students.

-        Health and Wellness Enrichment Program: This new after-school program is lead by our Americorps volunteers once weekly. Students practice healthy recipes, yoga, meditation, and other health and wellness practices.

-        Outdoor Adventures Club: The outdoor Adventures Club engages faculty, students in grades 4-8, and parents in meeting up for monthly hikes along the many beautiful Bay Area trails.

-        Go Green 2013: This School-wide initiative includes a comprehensive plan to build a school garden, reduce school waste by 50%, and to encourage students and families to engage in conversations and learning about resource conservation.

-        Shield the Vulnerable: The St. Finn Barr community uses the Archdiocese of San Francisco’s “Shield the Vulnerable” program to support student safety on and off campus. All faculty, staff, and chaperones are trained in the “Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse” course, and they are screened through background and fingerprinting checks to ensure safety for our students in their learning environment. Children in grades K-8 also engage in learning about safety, from the “Talking about Touching” program in the primary grades to similar safety educational programs through the middle school.