Learning Excursions » 7th Grade (2015): The Phantom of the Opera

7th Grade (2015): The Phantom of the Opera

September 2015

The 7th grade class went to Orpheum Theater in San Francisco to watch the Tony Award Winning musical, "The Phantom of the Opera." It was a spectacular 
display of art, music, and drama. This field trip really spoke to the class about how to treat or respect other people especially those who are different. The students 
reflected on how the message from the musical is related to what they are studying at 
school regarding Jesus' values and teachings.

Some student quotes:

"My favorite character is the Phantom because all he wants is someone to love him. I know if I were treated differently, I would stand up for myself. I have felt 
rejected before, but it makes me stronger and makes me who I am." Mia

"I think Meg was really important because she was a solid character and she was there for Christine when she was very confused. She took people in who were 
different and celebrated the difference. Carolina

" I learned that it doesn’t matter what you look like or how you dress, it’s what is in your heart and how you act is what matters. Sure the Phantom was ugly, but in 
the play Christine says, “I am not horrified by this face. It is in the heart where the true difference lies.” It means that his actions and hatred made him go bad." 

"I learned that everything you do matters. Being mean to someone for one day, or even one snarky comment about an imperfection can really scar someone for life. 
Eventually the lack of love and compassion in his life turn the Phantom evil. Jesus would always treat the outcast or sinner with the utmost respect and love." Megan

"The saddest part of the play is when the Phantom tried to force Christine to love him. But, later he figured out that you can’t force someone to love you." Felix

"I learned that Jesus treated everybody the same and even though people look like an outcast, you have to get to know them first." Leo

"People feel horrible when being used for the amusement of others. When treated as an outcast, they feel sad and left out. But when they are accepted and loved, 
you will make some of great friends." Miko

"I learned that you have to accept people for who they are and not based on how they look. The Phantom just wanted someone to love and cherish him." Melanie

"I believe that if Jesus met the Phantom, the disfigured face would not stop them from being friends. I believe the Phantom would have been a great person if he 
was cared for, treated with kindness and loved." Xavier

"My favorite character was the Phantom because he really loved Christine and he really showed his love for her, which was so sweet and nice." Lilly

"I learned that being bullied or tortured could lead to becoming evil. Jesus thought that even if you are different we are all the same. Al the Phantom wanted was to 
be loved." Keira

"When you encounter people who are different, you should not treat them as freaks. Jesus would treat them as normal human beings." CJ

"I learned that no matter how ugly, fat, or short someone is, everybody has a talent, and they may even be better than you. People who are outcasts may lack the 
confidence to develop their talents. Those who are loved and accepted, feel more happy and confident in their lives. Jesus treated people like this and we should do 
the same." Benjie

"Jesus treated people who are different like close friends. He would know the complete kindness in his heart and even cure them. Jesus would love all people who 
are different." Mateo

"My favorite character is the Phantom because he doesn’t mind being ugly. Even if people think he is ugly he still achieves great things." Ava

"I learned that you should never judge a book by its cover." John

"I learned not to treat people badly because they look different and keep distractions away. Jesus took in people who were different and celebrated their 
differences." Syra

"The Phantom was teased because he is deformed and he was teased when he was young. Those people did the opposite of what Jesus wanted." Kyle

" I learned that you should not judge people by their looks. Jesus treated the different people with kindness and respect." Joshua

"My favorite character was Madam Giry. She knew where the Phantom came from and helped him. She took care of the young Phantom, which is nice considering 
everyone else cast him out and ridiculed him. I learned that singling someone out and bullying, rejecting, and ridiculing people can twist a once good and kind soul 
into a dark and twisted one." Isa

"The main idea or concept of this story is to treat people kindly and respectfully." Erika

"This play made me realize that our world and society is so mean, but then again, so graceful. I am so thankful." Angel

"When I am rejected or if I am an outcast, I feel sad and sometimes I have the urge to do something I am not supposed to. I understand how the Phantom feels 
now with all the rejection and hate." Hana

"My favorite character is Meg. She is not a main character but she is Christine’s loving friend. I like her because she is helpful, kind, determined and all the things 
good friends should be. I learned that you sometimes need to let go of your anger and accept the past in order to continue, or else it boils up inside you." Xuan

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