Learning Excursions » 6th Grade: Marin Headlands

6th Grade: Marin Headlands

This October, the Sixth Grade class traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge to spend three days in the Marin Headlands! The students slept in the dorms formerly used by Fort Cronkhite soldiers as far back as WW1 and hiked the historical hills filled with bunkers and batteries.

Led by Nature Bridge, the sixth graders experienced first hand the geology of the headlands and an extensive investigation into plate tectonics and rock formation. Over the course of their visit, students discovered bioluminescent plankton while on a night hike to Rodeo Beach; new friendships in their hiking groups and bunks; and hands on history and science that deepened their curiosity and instilled a new respect for our beautiful and rugged Earth.

From our students --
"We stayed for three days and got to know each other even more than we already did. it was truly awesome!" -Isa Castillo

"I was awed by the perfection of it all and wish that more people could see the true beauty of nature. I will miss this place tremendously." -Isa Castillo 

"Most of the rocks in Marin Headlands are actually made of plankton!" -Leo Huang

"The landforms are weirdly awesome and were formed by erosion." -Angel Gonzalez 

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