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5th Grade: Call of the Sea

The 5th grade had a wonderful opportunity during October to go on a field trip called, Call of the Sea. They headed over to Sausalito and boarded the sailboat
the "Seaward".

They spent 3 hours sailing on the San Francisco Bay. All students participated in hoisting the sails and they were very surprised at how heavy they were. Then they sailed by Angel Island, around Alcatraz, and close to the Bay Bridge. Beautiful weather made it very easy to see seals, seagulls, San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Students participated in three rotating learning stations. In one rotation students were able to throw a net overboard to catch Zooplankton, which they got to look at using a
microscope. In pairs, students took turns steering the boat. They were quite surprised by all the things they had to pay attention to so that they did not run into anything.

Students also learned about and got to use compasses and map’s. Content focus was on ecology, maritime history, navigation and seamanship as well as teamwork. Students made
wonderful memories they wont soon forget!

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