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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

All uniforms are the property of St. Finn Barr Parish. They are on loan to the athlete for the duration of that sport’s season. All uniforms are to be returned within ONE WEEK of the end of the season.

If an athlete is not in good standing, a deposit will be required.

Both Athlete and Parent are responsible for the care of the uniform (wash only in cold water and hang dry). If the uniform is damaged during regular use, you need to inform the Athletic Director ASAP. If the uniform is turned in damaged without notice, you will be charged for it.

With regards to uniforms the following will be implemented:
1. Failure to return your uniform-grades/transcript withheld, charged for uniform.
2. Late returns – deposit for other sport uniforms or deposit for next season.
3. Damaged – cost of replacement of uniform.

This is one of our larges expenses for the Athletic Department, we need everyone’s help in making sure we keep the program’s cost down.

I have read the above and understand that I take responsibility for the care and return of the uniform.

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Rosie Perieff
Athletic Administrator
(415) 240-3533