Scrip Program



The Executive PB voted last year on a few important changes to our fundraising plans:  

1) Scrip is no longer a mandatory fundraising item, but parents are welcome to participate in scrip in order to earn up to ten volunteer hours.  Hours will be awarded for the purchase of gift cards. 

  • Every $500 in gift card purchase = 1 hour (up to ten total)
2) With Scrip off mandatory fundraisers, we will still support a volunteer Scrip coordinator (our pro Lynda Taschek), but the position will no longer be on the Executive parent board. 


3) The Minimum Fundraising Amounts for the remaining three fundraisers -- Walkathon, Off to the Races, and the Pot of Gold Raffle – will increase slightly to cover the elimination of Scrip: minimum participation rate and buyouts will increase by $25 for all three fundraisers*


*Final details will be published in parent board Back to School Night packet