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Objective of the St. Finn Barr Executive Parent Board


*To bring together, in a functioning union, parents, principal, pastor, teachers religious educators, and any other individuals or organizations that are interested in undertaking cooperative efforts on behalf of Christian education at St. Finn Barr Catholic School. 


*To foster a spirit of cooperation between the school and the parish. 


*To be a channel of communication; this emphasizes the shared responsibility between parents at home, teachers at school, and the parish community at large for guiding our children. To promote those programs that encourages the growth and welfare of the Christian child, parents, school, and parish community. To provide a network of volunteer services for the school; and To generate financial support for the school. 


Communication Procedures

In order to limit confusion so that parents are not receiving conflicting information from multiple sources, the following communication procedures shall be observed:


Christian Conduct

All communication, verbal or written, shall be completed in a manner that is consistent with the Code of Christian Conduct.  We are expected to work courteously and cooperatively with the school and each other in meeting high moral and behavioral expectations.  Please refer to the Code of Christian Conduct distributed by the administration of St. Finn Barr Catholic School.


School and Parish Activities

All information sent to parents regarding school-wide and/or parish activities shall be sent by the Principal, School Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator or Room Parents upon request of the Volunteer Coordinator.


Classroom Activities

Room Parents may send class related information to parents upon request of the classroom teacher, the Pastor, Principal, School Secretary or Volunteer Coordinator.  In any case, the Volunteer Coordinator, Co-chairs and Sports Director must be cc’ed to ensure that no scheduling conflicts arise.


Calendar Updates

All calendar and general information provided by the Parent Board during the monthly Parent Board meeting shall be given to parents by their respective Room Parents on the day following the Parent Board meeting.  This information includes but is not limited to scheduled parties, fundraisers, student activities, meetings, parent activities, St. Finn Barr sports game schedules and team practice schedules.


Sports Activities

All information regarding the sports program may be sent by the Athletic Sports Director.  This information includes sports related parties, fundraisers, game schedules and practice schedules.  All information provided to the parents by the Principal, School Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator or Room Parents shall also be provided to the Athletic Director.


School Secretary

The Volunteer Coordinator will work closely with the School Secretary to ensure that all Room Parents have accurate information concerning their respective parents including participation status.


Conflicting Information

Any information that is given to the parents that is conflicting or incorrect shall be immediately corrected by the Volunteer Coordinator.  Information given by the Volunteer Coordinator shall be considered the accurate information if conflicting and/or erroneous information is provided by another source.  Any deviation from the Communication Procedures that is not egregious shall be mitigated by the Volunteer Coordinator.  Otherwise the issue shall be handled by the Principal.