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Kindergarten Readiness

Ready for Kindergarten?

St. Finn Barr Catholic School follows the state of California's recommendations for Kindergarten entry age. Child needs to have reached 5th birthday by September 1st. 


Before entering Kindergarten, it's important that your preschooler have certain developmental skills for a richer, more meaningful experience in their first year in elementary school. To do that, consider some of the following activities

   Find opportunities for drawing and coloring. This helps build a child's fine motor hand and eye skills.

  Read daily to your child and ask him/her what's happening in the story. This encourages listening and following a sequence of events and builds one's imagination.

   Practice following one- and two-step directions. This helps introduce a classroom environment based on rules.

   Count everything! Crayons, blocks, how many stairs you walk up, street signs. This shows that learning is fun and opportunities are everywhere.

   Point out letters and numbers you see in books and signs. This builds character recognition used to communicate in language.

Be sure to discuss your child's readiness for Kindergarten with his/her preschool teacher. We also perform a preliminary assessment with each application to get a sense of where your child is developmentally so we can tailor instruction for that child.