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Our Networks

St. Finn Barr Catholic School is connected to several important networks. These relationships support our efforts to "Prepare Young, Diverse Minds for the Future." 

 Alliance of Mission District Catholic Schools (AMDCS)  

St. Finn Barr Catholic Schools belongs to the Alliance Network within the Archdiocese of San Francisco and spearheaded by the Superintendent of Schools, Ms. Maureen Huntington. The Alliance collaborates with pastors, parents, faculty, stakeholders, and the wider community to offer a Catholic elementary school education which responds to the changing spiritual, intellectual, social, artistic, emotional, and physical needs of students — now, and for generations to come. Along with our board of directors, the Alliance schools work in collaboration to:

  •   Provide professional in-service training for AMDCS faculties 

  •   Share resources for No Child Left Behind funding (NCLB)

  •   Implement strategic planning for the Alliance schools 

  •   Produce innovative publications and marketing materials

  •   Develop marketing plans for each school site

  •   Submit grants for tuition assistance and instructional materials 

  •   Share purchasing for economy of scale

 CSJ Educational Network 

A Ministry of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange

While religious persons are no longer part of the St. Finn Barr faculty, we remain connected to our roots through our membership in the CSJ Educational Network. This network works to influence and support leaders and personnel who create environments that facilitate the spiritual, academic and socially conscious growth of students as compassionate, responsible and proactive members of the Church and world.

Parent Education Network (PEN)

PEN is a coalition of parents collaborating with educators, students and the community to empower and bring academic success to students with learning and attention difficulties. Since 2003 PEN has become the Bay Area's premier grass roots resource for parents, professionals and students dealing with learning and attention issues.