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Welcome to Middle School Language Arts! I will be teaching Language Arts for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades this year in addition to 6th Grade Religion. This is my first year at St. Finn Barr and I'm very excited to join this wonderful community. 
Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments you may have. I can be reached at or by calling the front office. 
I look forward to a wonderful year ahead!
Ms. Shimeld


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Article of the Week Example

Below is the model sample for how to complete your Article of the Week homework: 

Summary Statement:

In the article “Opinion: Let’s learn to love leftovers and fight food waste”, the author explores the issue of food waste in the US and other countries. He uses the article to outline some of the problems associated with food waste and some ways to avoid it.


Overall, I agree with the statements made in this article. The author gives some compelling statistics regarding food waste in our country. I had no idea that the average American wastes about 400 pounds of food annually. The article also brought up some of the reasons why we waste food. One of those reasons was that food products’ expiration dates can be listed incorrectly, causing us to waste unexpired food. I would like to learn more about this cause of food waste in order to understand how we can fix it. One thing this article brought up that I have trouble with is the suggestion that we eat more leftovers in order to reduce food waste. I don’t like leftovers, usually, so that is something that I will have to work on in order to contribute to solving this problem.

Traits of a Good Personal Essay

1. Compelling topic
2. Strong hook
3. Organized
4. Narrow focus
5. Show, don't tell
6. Thought-provoking conclusion 
7. What does the reader learn about you?