Congratulations to our Science Fair Winners!

The critical thinking and effort that went into the projects came alive with each student presenting their project to our visiting guests and fellow students.


Those with overall top scores will move on to the San Francisco Science Fair at the Randall Museum.


St. Finn Barr Science Fair 2019 Winners

6th Grade
1st Place - Kaelen Bumagat
"Which Type of Water is Best for Plant Growth?"

2nd Place - Sofia Wall & Fiona Mulderrig
"Does Temperature Affect the Strength of a Magnet?"

3rd Place - Brianna Carrasquilla
"Do Dogs Have a Color Preference?"

Honorable Mention - Juliana Murguz
"Which Material is Best for Keeping Liquids Hot?"

Honorable Mention - Eduardo Razo
"How Many Times Should You Shuffle Cards in Order for Them to be Fully Mixed?"

7th Grade
1st Place - Amara Halladay 
"Does Phone Use Impact Your Short-Term Memory?"

2nd Place - Andrew Nay
"How Does Rapid Cooling Affect the Crystalline Structure of Maple Candy?"

2nd Place - Xochitl Churchill
"Does Salt Water Kill Bacteria?"

3rd Place - Christian Mayfield
"Which Soda when Mixed with Pop Rocks will Create Most Gas?"

Honorable Mention - Caleb Ramos
"Which Type of Milk Retains the Most Heat?"

Honorable Mention - Anthony Barrera & Alex Ristaino
"Which Type of Chocolate Melts the Fastest"

Moving on to the SF Science Fair at the Randall Museum
Kaelen Bumagat
Sofia Wall & Fiona Mulderrig
Brianna Carrasquilla
Amara Halladay
Andrew Nay
Xochitl Churchill