Scrip Program

Returning families should recall our Scrip Program, and new families may be familiar with Scrip at preschools or other schools.
One way to earn Scrip funds for SFB is by purchasing gift cards here at SFB through me, the Scrip Coordinator. There are two ways to purchase Scrip gift cards:
1. ShopWithScrip
We order gift cards offered by You can go to this website and see the 1000s of cards they sell. If you see any cards you would like to order, please let me know. There are three ways you can order these gift cards.
1) E-mail: send an e-mail to with the following gift card order information and submit payment:
-- the name of the retailer gift card
-- the value of the gift card (varies by store and can be $10, $15, $25, $50, $100, etc).
-- the number of each gift card
-- your contact information (your name, name/grade of your oldest SFB student)
2) Order Form: download and fill out the attached order form, complete the form and send with payment.
3) Place online order: create an account on and place an order on-line. Then submit payment.
All orders must be fully paid before receiving gift cards. Send payment through student mail to Scrip Coordinator. Make checks payable to "SFB Scrip Program" (cash acceptable but not recommended).
Gift card orders are placed by Wednesday morning. Submit your gift card orders to the Scrip Coordinator by Tuesday, and you will receive your order during the following week.
2. Benefit Mobile App

You can order e-gift cards with your Smart Phone by downloading the app and registering in support of “St. Finn Barr Catholic School”. Add credit card or checking account info to your account to pay for your e-cards. You get these cards instantly on your mobile phone.


Although this is a non-mandatory fundraiser, we do encourage as much participation as possible. Every bit your raise for SFB will benefit our school and your students. Family and friends also are welcome to order gift cards through SFB, as well as to participate in our other Scrip Program options. 


As in incentive for supporting Scrip fundraising for SFB, you can receive volunteer hours for your gift card purchases. You can earn up to 10 hours for $5,000 in gift card purchased through SFB's Scrip Program ($500 = 1 hour).


Gift cards always make great gifts! Please let me know any questions. Thank you for supporting SFB through our Scrip fundraising program!




Thank you!

Lynda Taschek

Scrip Coordinator



Scrip Volunteer 2018-2019
St. Finn Barr Catholic School