SFB Festival Update

Dear SFB Parent,
Currently, we are only at 75% of the volunteer positions filled for Saturday.  We are in great need of volunteers for the 2nd-grade booth, 4th-grade booth, 5th-grade booth, baked goods, SFB merchandise booth, volunteer check-in booth, cotton candy/snow cones/popcorn booth, and ticket booth (upper yard).
Thank you to everyone for their efforts.
Eric Klosterman
(Sophia 5th/EJ 2nd)
The 8th grade class will be running the dunk tank. They still have 4 spots open for anyone willing to brave being dunked. Dunkees are needed for 30-minute slots between 3pm to 5pm, and bonus is you get one parent hour per 30min.
Join seven SFB staff/community members that already have bravely volunteered. If you are willing and able, please contact the 8th grade to sign up:
Marilyn Nepomuceno
Ally 8th and Johnny 5th
Don't delay because these four spots can fill up fast!
Thank you for supporting our 8th grade class and the Festival.