Let's Blaze It Up, Shamrocks!

This is not mandatory.  For those of you new to our community, we implemented a few events simply to bring us together and have some fun in the process.  We are so excited to be able to offer our families an easy, low cost, yummy dinner from Blaze Pizza, again this year!  Last year was a huge hit, as the feedback from our community was that it was so cool to see so many other SFB families all at the same place.


Please see the attached customized flyer especially for our SFB Shamrocks event.  You must present either the actual SFB flyer or show our flyer on your phone, to account for our participation.  The small flyers with be available to you in the front office.  
*Online/app/call-in orders are not allowed and alcohol purchases do not count. 

Here’s how it works:


1)      You go to Blaze Pizza Stonestown next Tuesday, June 5th, from 4:30-7:30pm (I’ve confirmed with the manager that it’s fine to arrive prior to 4:30)

2)      Have fun ordering pizza with exactly what you want on them (they even do half & half pies)

3)      Present our SFB Shamrocks flyer at the register, then enjoy your dinner

4)      After the event, they’ll put a check in the mail to us for 20% of the net sales of our event (so the more of us that eat pizza that night the more money SFB gets)


It’s that simple.  Again, this is not a mandatory fundraiser…it’s just fun!





All my best,

Lena Shaw Espinoza

Fundraising Coordinator

Evangeline 5th



**Blaze Pizza is fresh, made-from-scratch dough, 100% customizable to your liking with artisanal ingredients, fast-fired, and all for one low price of about$10.00!  Yes, each pizza is only ten bucks!  Besides their signature and build your own pizzas, they also offer salads, drinks, desserts, and you can request gluten-free, or, their high-rise dough (for a thicker crust).