Young Author's Faire Awards

The following students were recognized this week for their standout entries:



Class Winners:


K: Zen & the Triceratops by Branden Villegas 



1: Angeline & the Big Dance Competition by Sophia Kang 



2: The Magic Pencil by Emma Brezin


3: Pusheen the Cat: The Donut Cat in Candy Land by Peyton Diaz, Illustrated by Maliyah Cerda and Klara Cardenas 



4: The Glowing Piece by Miles Brezin 



5The Sunset at Dawn: A Poetry Book by Emily Raley, Illustrated by Sofia Wall 




Other Awards:


Writer's Club (most entries) Award: 3rd Grade 


Best Comic Style Book: Zack and the Break Out of the Crazy Chicken by Dylan Chemla 



Best Author/Illustrator Collaboration: A Kid's Life: Jack Padilla (author) and Edina Floria (illustrator) 



Digital Illustrator Award: Why do Cows Moo? by Jasmine Ramirez 



Best Nonfiction: San Francisco by Jack Mireles and Helping Our Community by Lola Guandique and Lucy Arabia-Donaldson 



Illustrator Award: Tristan Guandique for The Frog and Genevieve Choate for Learning About the Sea