Cold & Flu Season

We wanted to update you on the precautions the school has taken to reduce the spread of illness and to provide you with information from the CDC regarding protecting your children and others from the flu.
At St. Finn Barr, we have paused the middle school classroom transitions to reduce exposure of students to the virus in various classrooms. Our custodial contractor has also been disinfecting the classrooms (for a simple resource on effective disinfecting versus cleaning: Additionally, the teachers are using disinfectant wipes on student surfaces throughout the day and students are advised (as always) to practice diligent hand washing and not share water bottles or food. 
Please review the attached advice about determining when a student is safe to return to school to reduce the exposure of others to the flu...namely, 24 hours after the fever has subsided without the use of fever reducer. 
For those already impacted, you will remain in our prayers for a swift recovery. The faculty are remaining flexible around academic makeup work as -- in all things school related -- health and safety are our priorities. 
God Bless, 
Mele Mortonson