Walk-a-thon: Thank You & Follow Up

It was great to see so many of you come to the walk-a-thon. I appreciate those families that had Shamrock sports games, high school testing, or other conflicts but managed to come and enjoy the walk-a-thon for at least part of the time. It is always really fulfilling to see how much the kids enjoy the walk-a-thon. Thank you parents for being able to fit into your busy schedules the time to bring the kids and your families to the walk-a-thon.  You showed great support for SFB and our Music in Schools and Shakepearience programs.

Thank you to two SFB families for being Leprechaun Sponsors for the walk-a-thon!

  1. DiNicola Insurance Services, LLC - Nick and Kathy DiNicola (Sean, 8th)
  2. The Garcia Family - Donna Quicho and Rod Garcia (Dylan, 3rd)


Now that we've had the walk-a-thon, it is time to collect pledge funds from those that generously offered to support our student walkers. Below are some reminders about the remaining walk-a-thon deadlines and what is coming up.

Within the next couple of days I will be going through the walk-a-thon items and sending home various items to the kids:

  1. Pledge sheets for the collection of pledge funds - to remind participants who pledged and how much they offered to support
  2. Any lap cards left behind
  3. Finishers certificates to those that forgot theirs or did not check out
  4. T-shirts that were not picked up.

**Nothing is ready to go home today, Monday November 13th. I will e-mail class Room Parents to let them know when their class items will be going home**


Parents please return to school:

  1. Any lanyards that accidentally went home - these are SFB's to use for walk-a-thon and any other events. Please return as soon as possible.
  2. Payments due to school. Check made payable to "St. Finn Barr" addressed to Lynda Taschek, Walk-a-thon. (Cash is accepted but not recommended for backpack mail). If you need a letter or e-mail receipt please let us know.

---- Pledge funds by Thursday, November 30th. (Do not worry about sending in Student Permission Slip/Registration Forms)

---- Buyouts which are now overdue (due date was Friday, November 10th). Please submit as soon as possible.

---- Any other donations you would like to make in support of the walk-a-thon. Please send in at your convenience.


We plan to announce walk-a-thon winners on Friday, December 8th during morning announcements. Below is a reminder of the different prizes to be given out.


St. Finn Barr Walk-a-thon Important Dates 

Friday, November 10, 2017 

  1. Buyout payments are PAST DUE - please send in as soon as possible this week before our Thanksgiving week off


Thursday, November 30, 2017 

  1. All Pledge Money Due 


Friday, December 8, 2017 (Targeted date, subject to change)

  1. Prize Winners Announced - see details below for prize details!


Walk-a-thon Reminders and Prizes 

Our Goal

The walk-a-thon was this school year's first mandatory fundraiser and always is intended to bring our SFB community together for a fun-filled event to raise money for a specially selected program. This year Mrs. Mortonson decided to focus on our art enrichment programs by supportiing Music in Schools for the Kinder through 2nd Grades and the Shakespearience theater program for the 3rd through 8th Grades. Our goal is to raise at least $19,000 and so far we have brought in over $4,700 from paid t-shirts, a few buyouts, some paid pledges, Sponsorships, and donations.



Prize winners will be announced during morning assembly early December 2017 (targeted Friday, December 8, 2017). **Plenty of individual and class prizes to try for!**


Prizes will be given in the following categories:


Grand Prize:

The top seller raising the highest pledges wins a surprise grand prize! The “top seller” is determined by the total amount of pledges raised by a family, averaged (divided) by the number of participating walkers in the family. For example, if a family with three students raises $600, the amount considered for “top seller” is $200 per each of the three students.


Top Pledge Earners:

The next three top pledge earners will be awarded cash prizes:

      2nd Place $100

      3rd Place $75

      4th Place $50


Class Prize:

Every class that has 100% participation will be eligible for the “Class Prize”. Students are considered “participating” either by submitting at least $100 in pledges per family by Tuesday, April 25th OR by paying the $150 family buyout fee by Friday, November 10th. If no class has 100% participation, then the class with the highest % participation will be awarded the Class Prize. “Class Prize” includes:


1)     Free dress

2)     No homework pass

3)     Class lunch party


Class Champions:

The grade with the highest for both percentage of participation and the amount of pledges earned will be considered the “Top Class” and get their class added to the plaque of “Class Champions”.



Please let me know any questions. We appreciate your support!


Thank you!


Lynda Taschek and the Parent Board

Chair, 2017-2018

Ileana, 3rd