SFB Scrip: Safeway Gift Cards

ShopWithScrip is working hard with Safeway to have it available again in a few weeks. If you currently have a Safeway scrip card, it will still be honored, but at this time, no new cards will be issued.

Many of you depend on Safeway to fulfill your scrip obligation.  You can still do so with Universal gift cards such as Visa, Amex and Discover.  There is no extra fee to activate these cards, so you do not lose any monetary value.  Please order these cards in lieu of the Safeway cards.  As soon as they are available again, we will send notification.

Please go to ShopWithScrip to check out other available grocery retailers that you can use (Sprouts, Lucky, Food Maxx, Save Mart, Target, Whole Foods just to name a few).  We can also order cards for Rainbow Market (we get them directly from the vendor).

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Keep Shopping and Supporting SFB!