Jump Rope for Heart

This week we kicked off the Jump Rope For Heart program with an informative assembly. The program engages elementary and middle school students with jumping rope while empowering them to improve their own health and help other kids with heart-health issues.
It's really fun and easy for your child and family to raise donations using the online tool! You can help your child set-up his/her own Jump Rope For Heart Web page with a photo or video, and email it to friends and family to ask for their support. Donations can be made directly to your child’s Web page. This is a great family activity to do together. See how to help your child join his/her school team online and your family will be on your way to making a Web page and saving lives! http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/General/For-Parents-Jump-Rope-For-Heart_UCM_312492_Article.jsp#.WKOvT3eZNyo

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