2016-2017 St. Finn Barr Science Fair Results

2016-2017 St. Finn Barr Science Fair Results


7th Grade

1st Place - Emma Whitehurst
Which insulation material is best at blocking the transfer of heat?

 photo IMG_8690_zpsjqs5irdt.jpg

2nd Place - Fiona Morgan
What area in San Francisco has the best viewing of the night sky?
 photo IMG_8693_zpstjzw04pr.jpg

3rd Place - Minh Ly
Do different parts of the human body adjust to extreme temperatures more quickly?

 photo IMG_8722_zps8baq0vko.jpg
Honorable Mention
Alina Caudle
What type of cup retains the heat of your hot chocolate the longest?

 photo IMG_8702 copy_zps4njrbp7l.jpg
Maria Novo
How do different liquids affect plant growth?
 photo IMG_8731_zpsn4dv75vk.jpg
Mia Perdue
Are certain types of swim caps more hydrodynamic? 

 photo IMG_8705_zps1agexqi2.jpg

Anayssa Perez
Does watching an intense video effect your blood pressure?

 photo IMG_8766_zpsdzp2khbz.jpg
Maya Torres
Which liquid evaporates the quickest?

 photo IMG_8699_zpsaqyds9kx.jpg 

6th Grade

1st Place - Samantha Ramos
Does the fat content in milk affect how long it stays cold or hot?

 photo IMG_8781_zps1czzc8wq.jpg

2nd Place - Alexandra Diaz & Shayla Francisco
What environment is best for growing crystals?
 photo IMG_8733_zpsvzo0czmq.jpg

3rd Place (tied) - Lucas López & Nicholas Yates
How does the strength of magnets affect magnetic slime?

 photo IMG_8694_zpsol7ec5wl.jpg 
Alexandra Nepomuceno
What kind of sugar is best for making rock candy?

 photo IMG_8756_zpswppjgkqd.jpg

Honorable Mention
Mia Gregory 
What kind of bubble wrap provides the most protection to a raw egg?

 photo IMG_8697_zpso9jeiwha.jpg

Lola Guajardo & Grace Robinson 
Does water affect the production of dry ice bubbles?

 photo IMG_8696_zpsnmzd3rxu.jpg


Moving on to the San Francisco Science Fair

at the SF Zoo

Emma Whitehurst (7th - 1st)
Fiona Morgan (7th - 2nd)
Minh Ly (7th - 3rd)
Maria Novo (7th - HM)
Samantha Ramos (6th - 1st)
Alexandra Diaz & Shayla Francisco (6th - 2nd)