Science at St. Finn Barr

In Kinder, Mrs. O'Reilly led the students on an outdoor bird walk to answer the focus question: "What birds live in our school yard?" After practicing in the classroom, students went on a silent walk pointing to birds as they saw them. In spite of the noisy construction going on they saw quite a few including crows, gulls, a possible hawk sighting and many little chirpers!! When they returned to the classroom Mrs. O'Reilly led them into a discussion of the parts of birds. Students then drew a bird of their own design and labeled some parts from the classroom drawing.
Third graders investigated the question: "What happens when you heat solid materials?" as part of their Chemistry unit. A discussion of opinions vs. evidence led them to writing predictions of what would happen to 4 solid materials (wax, butter, chocolate, and a stone) when exposed to heat. Students then conducted the experiment (with the objects floating on heated water) measured the temperature, recorded observations, discussed different outcomes. What is your prediction?
Ms. Jordan and Ms. Blanch guided the 2nd graders in a physics unit where they continued their investigation of motion. After building ramps, groups studied the motion of paper cups on the ramp as they worked on predicting where a rolling cup will end up. Try this yourself ... you'll be amazed. Ask any 2nd grader to show you how.
6th and 7th graders have completed their science fair projects and completed peer edits yesterday. The team of independent judges arrive today and tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing your students visit the Science Fair Expo on Tuesday afternoon. Please prepare them to ask many questions!!! Students will also be available to explain their investigations on Tuesday evening from 6-7.

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