Jump Rope for Heart



Students will have the opportunity to raise funds for the American Heart Association to fund research and educational materials to lower the risks of America's #1 and #5 killers: heart disease and stroke. You're the cure and together, we CAN SAVE LIVES!

American Heart Association Mission: to build healthier lives free from cardiovascular disease and stroke

MISSION FOCUSED: When your child understands the reason for participating in Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart (such as a lost loved one or a family history of heart disease), it helps them to connect the dots to a healthier life and might even inspire a few other family members to live heart healthy too!

ZOO CREW! GET WILD ABOUT HEART HEALTH! Students who raise life-saving funds for the American Heart Association will earn members of the Zoo Crew! Each member shares a heart healthy message with our students and reminds them that they are HEART HEROES!!! Collect all six! See envelope for details.

LIFE-SAVING DONATIONS: Use the collection envelope to track your donations.

  •      In person, practice sharing your heart health message using the script on your collection envelope.
  •      Use our smart phone app to send text messages to friends and family! Search Jump/Hoops in the app store.
  •      Join our online team by creating a webpage and sending emails to your friends and family
    •      Go to heart.org/jump or www.heart.org/hoops
    •      Choose your “state” and “city”
    •      Select your school and “join team”
    •      Create a username/password and sign the waiver, then enter your HeartQuarters!
  •      E-Card Challenge: Create an e-card and take the heart healthy challenge!  Send your e-card to 10 people and earn Rory’s Zoo Crew Badge!
  • Students that receive 10+ donations online will be entered in

    an AHA Western States Affiliate drawing to win a GoPro!!!


TURNING IN YOUR DONATIONS: Please convert cash to checks and make checks payable to American Heart Association. You can even check with your place of employment to see if they offer a matching gift.


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