Christmas Concert - Thank You

Big thanks to the following parent volunteers for all of their help and ensuring that the show started on time:
  • Buzz & Nancy Rechsteiner (Mia 8th)
  • Elizabeth Ristaino (Anna 8th & Alex 5th)
  • Karla Acuna (Sophia 7th & Brianna 4th)
  • Amanda Danaher (Madeline 7th, Evan 4th & Jay 1st)
  • Vania Oliveira (Murillo 7th)
  • Tricia Gregory (Mia 6th)
  • Eryn Ramirez (Gabi 5th)
  • Mary Brezin (Miles 3rd & Emma 1st)
  • Sinee Halladay (Austin 6th & Amara 5th) for selling apparel.