Summer Art Camp (4th-9th Grades)

This year in order to better meet the needs of a wider range of students we’ve split the camp into two sessions. Session Two will be for students entering 4th-9th grade. The camp will run for 2 weeks from Monday, August 1st through Friday August 12th. Session Two will have a strong emphasis on how to draw from life and how to make self-printed comic books. We will help each student feel more confident in their abilities to depict people, animals, and objects more realistically. Concurrently each student will develop their storytelling skills as we create mini comics. We will use actual tools of the trade ranging from t-squares to the Ames lettering guide as well as a Xerox machine for the production of comics.

Learning to take care of ourselves physically is equally important as any artistic instruction we can provide. Studies have shown that people’s cognitive functions and creativity are vastly improved by physical activity. Our camp will includes opportunities for group games such as Capture the Flag, Mayhem, Bombadier and more. We will be taking our lunches to Sunnyside Park two times a week. Sunnyside is a beautiful park with a tremendous playground. It provides a safe, fun environment to draw from life as well as run and play. We will also be taking a field trip to the Children’s Creativity Museum. Admission will include access to the Clay Animation workshop. Students will be immersed in a world of movie-making and storytelling. Each participant will develop clay characters and bring them to life in a stop-motion animation.

Enrollment in the camp is $300.00 as well as a $50.00 materials fee and $15.00 to cover the cost of field trips. Total cost for enrollment is $365.00. The St. Finn Barr Art Camp begins at 8:00 am, Monday through Friday and ends at 3:00 pm each day. Aftercare will be available from 3:00 5:00 for an additional $6.00 an hour. This summer camps needs a minimum of 15 students enrolled by May 1st, or it will be canceled and all fees refunded.


Here’s looking forward to an exciting summer!

Justin Talamantes

Director of Extended Care