Science Fair Winners!

They are also eligible to enter the next level of competition, the Bay Area Science Fair in March! Also congratulations to Xuan Ly (7th gr), Maria Novo and Celina Lieu (6th gr) for their honorable mention awards!

San Francisco Science Fair Results (RANDALL)

Hana Butler and Kiera Francisco are eligible to go on to the Bay Area Science Fair


Hana Butler 7 BHS 3rd Pl How does color affect human emotion? 3rd BHS
Keira Francisco 7 PHY 3rd Pl Can a simple filter reduce the amount of plastic particles in waste water? 3rd PHY
Maria Novo, Celina Lieu 6 BHS HR Which stains the most? HM
Xuan Ly 7 BHS HR Which gender of the same age will remember more words with the help of mnemonics? HM