SCRIP Update: Notice of Changes to Target and Safeway Scrip Programs

Hello SFB Families,


As many and probably most of you have heard by now, both Safeway and Target have made changes to their non-profit giving programs that impact SFB’s Scrip earning program. Both retailers feel they have contributed a lot of funds to educations (Target reached their goal of $1 billion) and made corporate decisions to reduce their contributions to education and focus on charitable donations elsewhere (Target will focus more on wellness).


Many SFB families shop at both of these retailers and depend heavily on these purchases to earn Scrip towards their $3,000 SFB Scrip requirement. Understandably, there are concerns about being able to meet SFB’s Scrip requirement of $3,000 in Scrip purchases with these changes.


Safeway and Target changes, however, do not mean that there are no retailers within SFB’s Scrip Program. SFB has other Scrip earning options that enable you to continue shopping at both Safeway and Target and earn Scrip with your purchase.


Attached is a document that summarizes the changes to both Safeway and Target’s giving programs and ways you can still earn Scrip at SFB by continuing to shop at these stores. Highlights of the information in the attached document are presented below.







Switching from VISA to MasterCard using a Chip-and-PIN technology

MasterCard offers a higher level of security than VISA. By now families with Target VISA cards should have received a replacement MasterCard and should activate this card before the VISA card is automatically inactivated by the end of December 2015. Other than having a new credit card number, there are no changes to your current Target account with regards to savings, returns, and benefits. You can find more information about the new Target MasterCard on Target’s FAQ page:  


Discontinuing the Scrip-like Program “Take Charge of Education” (TCOE)

On May 14th, 2016, Target will end their TCOE program and no longer contribute funds to schools. You can still earn Scrip through Target’s TCOE program until then. After that date, you can continue to earn Scrip at SFB with your Target purchases by purchasing Scrip gift cards at SFB (2.5% rebate to SFB) and by using the Shoparoo smartphone application. You also can register your Target MasterCard on your account where you can use the credit card to pay for purchases on the On-line Mall.




As of August 1, 2015, Safeway stopped contributing Scrip rewards to non-profit organizations such as schools via You can still earn Scrip with your Safeway purchases by purchasing Scrip gift cards at SFB (4% rebate to SFB) and by using the Shoparoo smartphone application.


Additional Scrip Information

Further details on purchasing gift cards at SFB, Shoparoo, and the On-line Mall of are found on SFB’s Scrip webpage (see the “Parents” tab).



Please read the attached document for details on Target and Safeway changes and feel free to contact the SFB Scrip Team at your convenience with any questions.


In addition, for those interested and available, there is an optional informational Scrip meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 9th from 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the Science/6th Grade Home Room.


Thank you for supporting SFB and SFB’s Scrip Program!



The SFB Scrip Team


Sara Mireles


Jack, 3rd


Lynda Taschek

Team Member

Kyle 7th/Ileana 1st