Mindful Family Communications Workshop

~Does the Holiday Season Bring Extra Stress to Your Life? ~Do you find yourself on AUTOPILOT just going through the motions without feeling connected?      ~Are your kids isolating in their rooms?   

B – R – E – A –T – H – E


Give your family the gift of mindfulness this holiday season!


Mindfulness is an amazing tool for reflection as well as something we can embrace within our day-to-day communications, including communication with self. This practice creates more effective communication styles while improving self-esteem for teens. Mindful parenting also provides a loving space for parents to work on more effective ways to get their point across.


·         Mindful Family Communications will utilize the beginning of the holiday season to address holiday stress and emotional triggers that affect family communication throughout the holidays.


·         We will explore mindfulness as a general topic for self-exploration and provide tools and communication strategies to help parents and teens cope with school, work, life and stress.


·         By the end of this workshop both parents and teens will begin to be able to identify emotional triggers, re-center their awareness and re-frame communications and language in less demanding or reactionary ways.


Bonnie Cardell, MFTI and Tracy McGillis, MFTI \supervised by Dino Di Donato, LMFT (License #39831) bring years of meditation practice, backgrounds in psychology, nutrition and the dramatic arts, as well as personal and therapeutic experience working with families, children and teens from diverse, non-traditional and LGBTQ+ Families.


They have woven together this workshop drawing from the ancient traditions of mindfulness blended with information from the latest studies on Neuroscience, Psychology and Family Therapy Traditions.


Meeting Times: Thursday evening’s 7:30-9 for Parents  & Saturday mornings 11-12:30 for teens


Parent Workshop             Nov 5th, 12th, 19th BREAK For THANKSGIVING, Dec 3rd, Dec 12th

Teens Workshop               Nov 7th, 14th, 21st BREAK For THANKSGIVING, Dec 5th, Dec 12th


~Parents and Teens meet together for Final Session\Cost is $20 per person per session~


For more Information Please Email: tracy@marketstreetpsychotherapy.com or call 415-484-9894