St. Finn Barr Makes Largest Donation Yet to St. Francis Living Room

This year, we collected 392 jars of peanut butter to provide nourishment to older adults in the Tenderloin neighborhood. Ms. Hoja's third grade class helped to coordinate the food drive, decorating donation boxes for each classroom and promoting the drive amongst our St. Finn Barr community members.

3rd grader Kian Caudle noted, "The Peanut Butter Drive helped a lot of people without food. They asked for peanut butter because it has protein and lasts for a long time. The amount we collected will help to feed a lot of poor, hungry people." His classmate Alex Novo shared, "It felt good to help the older people to survive" while Amara Halladay noted: "The project was really fun -- we made a big heart out of peanut butter."

The St. Francis Living Room has been a fixture in the Tenderloin for over 27 years, helping to support & enrich the lives of its older residents. Created originally as a community program offering of the St. Anthony Foundation, the “Living Room” settled in its current location in 2000, and became an independent non-profit operation in 2006.

Serving low income and homeless individuals over the age of 60 in the Tenderloin, this institution provides over 17,000 nutritious breakfasts annually, as well as social, educational, & recreational activities. In addition the Living Room collaborates with numerous organizations and agencies to provide clients with referrals for other needs ranging from food and housing, to clothing, medical, and wellness.

To learn more about St. Francis Living Room, visit:

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