February Cooking: Carrot and Banana Pancakes

Carrots (Daucus Carota)

Root Vegetable

1 C = 113% Vitamin A * per serving

*Carotenoid is the orange pigment in the carrot*

    3 main carotenoids-

            Beta- Carotene, Alpha- Carotene and Lutein

  • How many of you have heard that Carrots help you see better?
- Did you know that they don't! They actually just help your eyes adjust to different degrees of light faster.



Over 450 mg of potassium per Banana


*** Did anyone notice that there is very little sugar in this recipe? Why?

Because both carrots and bananas have NATURAL SUGAR

    Bananas- 15g                Carrots- almost 9g


Whole Wheat (W.W.) Flour Benefits -

  • does anyone know why W.W. Flour is healthy?
- because it contains the 3 parts of a wheat kernal-

W.W. Flour is also ENRICHED.  What does that mean?

    - It has had added nutrients (B Vitamins and Iron)

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