Traffic Safety Updates

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October 22, 2014 


Dear St. Finn Barr Parents: 


We are proud to announce that the parent leadership and administration of St. Finn Barr Catholic School and Sunnyside Elementary School have been working in collaboration with each other and the SFMTA to improve the safety conditions for all students and families on Hearst Avenue, particularly during drop off and pick up times. A few important updates for your information: 


 • Currently, parking is not allowed on Hearst Street between 8:30am – 4 pm on school days. 


 • An ordinance is currently in process with the SFMTA to establish an 88 foot part time passenger loading (white) zone on the south side of Hearst Avenue from 7:30am-3:30pm on school days, with regular parking allowed between the primary school driveway entrance (marked by two magnolia trees) and the corner of Hearst & Edna. This ordinance is expected to pass sometime before the new calendar year. 


 • St. Finn Barr submitted a request in early September with the SFMTA for additional adult crossing guards for the intersection of Hearst and Edna. We are awaiting completion of a traffic survey to determine if the corner meets the requirements for a crossing guard or not. 


 • The attached document was provided by a SFPD officer to clarify the difference between “no parking,” “no standing,” and “no stopping.” 


 • To contribute to a safe and efficient dismissal process, PLEASE… 


 o Remain calm 

o DO NOT attempt to pick up your child from the north side of Hearst Avenue – jaywalking is illegal, slows traffic and places pedestrians at high risk when crossing outside of the monitored crosswalk. 

 o DO NOT make a u-turn (including using the driveway) on Hearst Avenue 

 o Follow the guidance of the parents/staff members directing traffic 

 o If your child is not available for immediate pickup, please proceed through the parking zone to maintain the flow of traffic (students and teachers are directed to be on Hearst Avenue no later than 3pm). 


 Thank you for your cooperation with this essential component of school safety. 


Mele Mortonson 


St. Finn Barr Catholic School 

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