Mini Garden Clean - Huge Success!

Clean up day was a huge success! We had a super turn out with about 25 pairs of helping hands. We accomplished everything on our to do list plus some. 

There were so many new faces and families!  

Thank you for all your help! Stay tuned for details on our next project - the convent garden!

SFB Green Team

 photo CampusCleanUp_16.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_17.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_18.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_20.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_19.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_21.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_14.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_15.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_9.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_13.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_10.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_11.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_8.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_7.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_6.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_3.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_1.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_4.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_2.jpeg

 photo CampusCleanUp_5.jpeg