Important SCRIP Updates for Parents/Users

Hello SFB Families

Please read this important change regarding earning Scrip on with
your Safeway purchases.

** Beginning Friday, November 1st, in order for your Safeway purchases to
continue earning Scrip contributions for SFB, you must pay for your
purchases using one of the following methods ( message attached
below) **

1.      Debit Card
2.      Check
3.      Cash
4.      Fast Forward Debit Card
5.      SmartCheck
6.      Safeway Gift Card
7.      WIC
8.      CalFresh

Safeway purchases paid for with a credit card will not earn
contributions. You can pay for your Safeway groceries with credit card, but
you will not earn Scrip credit for these purchases.

** Note from SFB Scrip Coordinator:  I don't know why they are making this
change in payment requirement to continue earning Scrip contributions for
SFB. I can only guess that it may have to do with the 3% fee applied per
each credit card purchase and so payment with the other methods above may
save money for them.  I will be attending an workshop on
Thursday, October 17th and will ask the representative then. If
you have any questions about, either in general or about
specifically your account, please let me know.  Whatever I cannot answer for
you, I will ask the representative at the Workshop.

Safeway shoppers registered on, please remember to renew your
Safeway activation by Thursday, October 31st in order to continue earning
your Scrip and contributions for SFB.

I am trying to track the owners of two SFB Lucky S.H.A.R.E.S. cards. If you
have either of the 2 cards below (with the last 4 digits), please confirm
for me by e-mailing me the last 8-digits on your card. These cards were
given out sometime during the middle of May 2013 and middle of July 2013.
Thank you!

1.      .....3406
2.      .....3414

Just reminding you that I will be sending out the next gift card order
tomorrow morning, Tuesday, Oct 8th. Any orders that I receive by Tuesday
morning 9:00 AM will be included in this order. If I do not have enough gift
cards to order, I may have to delay submitting the order until next week.
The attached gift card order form shows the Oct 6th updated list of gift
cards immediately available from our in-stock inventory (except note that
Whole Foods gift cards should be available by this Wednesday). Please
include complete payment as cash or check made payable to "St. Finn Barr
Scrip Program" and send attention "Scrip Coordinator".

I am working on sending out summaries of your family Scrip. I am hoping to
get that out the end of this week but maybe more likely this weekend.
Thanks for your patience!

If you have any questions about these Scrip items or other Scrip issues not
mentioned here, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.  Thanks
for your continued support of SFB!

Lynda Taschek
SFB Scrip Coordinator
Hannah 8th/Kyle 5th