St. Finn Barr 8th grader rings in Latino Heritage Month at City Hall with her dance troupe

On October 9, 2012, Emily Martinez ('13) joined dancers from Cuicacalli Escuala de Danza to perform the beautiful Baile Folkorico (Mexican folkloric dance) at City Hall for audience including Mayor Lee, Senator Feinstein, and many others. 

Emily shared, "I've been dancing for ten years. I took classical ballet for four years, then I started folklorico. I still do ballet and contemporary dance now, but my main focus is folklorico. I love the traditional dress, the steps, and the rythym. I was the very first student in our company."

For the Latino Heritage Awards, Emily and her troupe performed a dance from Veracruz (Mexican folkloric dance varieties are based upon the regions where they originated). It is a partner dance and its supposed to capture the feelings of joy associated with friendship/flirting ("coqueteando"), so "you'll notice that we are always smiling throughout the dance." 

Emily noted, "Many of the guests were preparing to leave the reception, but once the music started, everyone stopped to watch us and they shared that they were impressed that we were so young but so talented....I thought that was really cool."