4th Graders Take a Time Out from IOWA to Craft

Last week, the fourth graders took a creative break from the rigors of IOWA testing to learn a life skill. Tara Francisco (Keira and Shalya {1st}), shared her crafting skills with students in a sewing session.   She provided the felt, decorative buttons, colorful threads, and needles and the students filled in the rest, crafting their original creations.  Bookmarks, bags of various sizes (some even with pockets), bracelets and gloves were handmade.  Elizabeth Ristaino was also on hand to thread, and re-thread, and re-thread, and re-thread needles!

Here's what the student's had to say:

"I know if I have creativity, I can make anything."  -Ursula

"Now when I lose a button, I can sew it back on." -Lilly

"It was nice to learn how to sew, but now my mom wants me to sew all my socks with holes in them."  -Anonymous