Elemental LED REACH Program to Visit Classrooms On Monday and Tuesday

The goal:  To educate school districts, teachers, families and students about the benefits and importance of conserving energy and promoting sustainability. 


How it works:  REACH has developed workshops for students of all age groups that engages and educates them on the benefits of energy conservation and why it is important.  Students will fill out a pre-workshop questionnaire that will asses students knowledge of the topic, the workshop will then be conducted followed by a post-workshop questionnaire to be filled out by the students.  REACH will compare answers to both pre and post workshop questionnaires to calculate the retention of the material.


Each workshop will start with an overview of what energy is, how it is made, how we use it in our everyday life and why it is important to conserve.  The students will then break into teams and there will be a trivia style game that reviews the content that was presented.  The team with the highest points wins. Students will then present the correct answers in front of the class.  Both questions and answers will be posted in each classroom as a reminder on how to conserve energy in daily life.


Incentives:  REACH will send each student home with a worksheet for them to fill out with their families.  The worksheet asks students to have their families help them to conserve energy at home.  When a worksheet is complete, the parent of the student signs the worksheet so the student can return it to their teacher.  For every signed worksheet, REACH will donate $3 worth of energy efficient, LED lighting to the school.  REACH asks that each family match that donation and write a check for $3 to the school so it can benefit from as much energy efficient lighting as possible.


REACH will also offer a coupon for LED lighting so each family has the opportunity to purchase energy efficient lighting for their homes at a discounted rate.


Impact:  Once the new lighting for the school has been installed REACH will be monitoring the energy bills of the school to track the savings.  After 1 year has passed, REACH will report the results.  We ask that parents who want to also track their energy savings at home to do the same and REACH can include their savings in the report.   


Follow up:  Once the donation has been made to the school, REACH will invite families interested in learning more about saving energy in their homes to attend a workshop specific to residences.  This workshop will discuss other energy efficient technology and behavior that families can adopt.