Catholic Charities CYO Athletics ESports Tournament

Game: NBA 2K20 – A popular online basketball video game.


Platforms: PS4 or Xbox

Registration Fee: FREE


Registration Deadline: Friday, June 19th


Tournament Start Date: Monday, June 22nd  – Depending on the number of registrations, we will determine the length of the tournament.


Format/Duration: 1v1 with 5 minute quarters for a total of 4 quarters – see our rules below for more information.


1st Place Prize: Choice of Indoor/Outdoor Basketball, Adidas Hoodie, or Adidas Shoes (hoodie and shoes are limited to sizes that CYO have in stock)



Please have parents register their children on TeamSideline if they are interested in participating.






Tournament Rules




The following settings are to be used in official matches:

Connection: Play With Friends

Quarter Length: 5 Minutes

Game Mode: Private Match

Game Style: Simulation

Fatigue: On

Difficulty: All Star


Teams must be current rosters


Two pauses are allowed per player per half


If a game disconnects in the first quarter, the game will simply restart. If it disconnects after the 1st quarter, the players will take note of what the score was at the end of the last completed quarter then start a new game and play the remaining quarters and add their scores.


Games will be streamed on YouTube – the “Home” team will be the streamer. If there is a protest, the game can be reviewed via the YouTube stream. “Home” team must report the final score to CYO for the results to be entered, along with the link to the YouTube stream.


"Away" team must also report the score with a picture of the score attached to the email. If the "Home" team is unable to stream, that must be communicated to the "Away" team so they can stream the game.


Games will be played every other day. Teams should use the extra day in between to schedule their game with their opponent. Game must be scheduled by 5PM the day of the game. If your opponent does not respond by 5PM the day of the game, send a picture of your attempts to contact them to the CYO Athletics email to report your opponent's forfeit.


*REMINDER* - The game time that shows on TeamSideline is a formality, the game does not need to be played at the specific time shown. 

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