SFB Athletics Candy Sale


Candy Sale Information Letter

Spring Athletics Mandatory Fundraiser




Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Athletics Program will be launching its spring Candy Sale on Monday, December 2, 2019. This is our final mandatory athletics fundraiser of the year. Every family whose child(ren) participated or will participate in sports for this school year (2019-2020) will be mandated to sell 3 cases of candy ($180). If you prefer to buy out of this fundraiser, the buy-out fee of $100 is due no later than Friday, January 10, 2020. Please let us know if you intend to buy out as soon as possible.  The late Buy-Out fee (anything submitted after January 10th) is $180. 


If your child did not participate in athletics, the sale is not mandatory but all are welcome to sell chocolate and qualify for all the prizes. Please note that the sale minimums are per family (not per child). The variety cases include 30 bars - 6 milk chocolate with almond bars, 3 crisp bars, 3 plain milk chocolate bars, 3 mint meltaways (box), 12 continental almonds (box), 3 caramel whirls (box)  - for $2 each. 


Specialty pre-orders are due by Monday, December 16th:


Mint Meltaways (30 boxes of only mint meltaways)

Caramel Swirls (30 boxes of only caramel swirls)

Chocolate Covered Almonds (30 boxes of only chocolate covered almonds)

Chocolate Bars w/Almonds (30 bars of only chocolate w/almonds)

All Bars ( 9 milk chocolate and almond bars, 6 dark chocolate bars, 6 crisp bars, 3 plain milk chocolate bars, 6 caramel bars)


If you wish to sell any of the above specialty cases, please email ad@stfinnbarr.org with your name/amount of cases you would like to order. This is the only opportunity to pre-order specialty cases. Families who do not pre-order or buy out will be responsible for  3 variety cases. Candy distribution will take place on the day of Catholic School’s Week Open House - Sunday, January 26th. We will send out more information about the sale and the prizes in the coming weeks.




Thank you for supporting our sports program,

St. Finn Barr Athletics Administration