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Hello SFB Families!


You may recall reading in our school handbook about SFB’s Scrip Program. For those not familiar with Scrip it is a super simple and easy way to raise bonus funds for SFB. It is fundraising with your normal, everyday purchases. That is, a portion of your purchases made at certain retailers goes back to SFB. So you do not have to change your usual shopping needs, you just have to designate your purchases towards SFB.


More details are coming about the various ways to do Scrip shopping but one way you can do that is by buying gift cards here at SFB. You can choose from hundreds of different gift cards, and your cards will be delivered to you. Go to www.ShopWithScrip.com to see the selection of retail gift cards, including restaurants, gas, movie theaters, hotels, electronics, and more retail categories, the values of each card available (varies by retailer), as well as if the store offers reloadable or electronic gift cards (ScripNow!).


There are three easy ways to order gift cards:


  1. By E-mail

E-mail your gift card order to the Scrip Coordinator at Scrip@stfinnbarr.org. Include your name, name/grade of oldest SFB student, store gift cards, the value of each gift card, and how many cards. Indicate if you would like your order sent home with your child or to pick up your order in the school office. Send payment to the Scrip Coordinator.


  1. SFB Gift Card Order Form

Use the attached Scrip Gift Card Order form. Submit the completed form with full payment to the Scrip Coordinator.


  1. Online at www.ShopWithScrip.com

Create a free account using SFB’s Enrollment Code 13BB661C11L83. Once your account is active, you may select your gift cards and submit a purchase order request. The Scrip Coordinator will receive an e-mail notification of your order request to complete your order, and you can confirm with the Scrip Coordinator.


There three easy ways to pay:


  1. Payment to SFB’s Scrip Program

If you order gift cards by e-mail or with an order form to the Scrip Coordinator, then pay by check to “SFB Scrip Program” and include your name and name/grade of oldest SFB student. Cash is accepted but not recommended. Please pay before receiving gift cards.


  1. Debit Payment on www.ShopWithScrip.com

If you created a ShopWithScrip account and placed your gift card order online, then you can create a Presto-Pay account and pay by debit, a direct withdrawal from your checking account (see attached flyer). There is a $ 0.15 service charge per order.


  1. Credit Card Payment on www.ShopWithScrip.com– NEW 2019 FEATURE!

If you created a ShopWithScrip account and placed your gift card order online, then you can pay by Visa or MasterCard credit card when you checkout of your order. There is a 2.6% processing fee per order.



Here are a few incentives: 

  1. Red Robin

 If we include an order with at least $200 in Red Robin gift cards from Sep 21–27, we earn free shipping, a savings of up to $14.25 for overnight shipping.


  1. Earn Volunteer Hours

Scrip is not a mandatory fundraiser but you can earn hours for your gift card purchases. For every $500 you earn 1 volunteer hour, with a max of 10 hours for $5,000 in orders during the school year (June 1st - May 31st). 



Scrip is a win-win fundraiser!

With each gift card order, you are helping SFB. It is an easy and very low effort way to raise funds for our school. Invite your family, friends, and colleagues to order gift cards from SFB and you get credit towards your hours from their purchases.


You can submit your gift card orders at any time. Orders received by Monday 6:00PM will be submitted for purchase the next day, Tuesday, and received by the middles of the following week.


Please submit your orders by this Monday, September 23rd to receive your cards during the week of September 30th. Send in your payment by the end of the week (payment is required before you can receive your gift card order).



Please contact me with any questions or with your gift card order. SFB appreciates your support!



Thank you!




Lynda Taschek

Ileana, 5th



Scrip Volunteer 2019-2020

St. Finn Barr Catholic School