Uniform Exchange 2019

Hello SFB Community!


Because so many of you have let me know this is very beneficial to you, we would again like to offer families gently worn uniforms for the next year, with the organized Uniform Exchange. This takes a little bit of planning and sorting the sizes, with help from a few parents that still need to fulfill parent hours, or if you'd just like to help!


How it works:
You drop off gently worn uniforms (including PE uniforms) that you would still be comfortable with your child(ren) wearing, meaning in good condition.  No holes, rips, and/or stains please.  As well, pants need to be the required pants from Simply Uniforms.  I will send an update, closer to the date, to inform where to drop off your donated uniforms.


Our awesome volunteers will sort the uniforms by size and lay them out on tables, in Goode Hall (please see the photo).


June 4, 5, and 6 - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the last week of school.
The uniforms will be available for anyone to pick up after we sort them.

No donation required - the uniforms are free to all.


Mrs. Mortonson has approved 4 days of free dress for the Uniform Exchange!!  We need them to be out of their uniforms so that you can donate them.  Woohoo!!!!   

Students will have free dress Tuesday, June 4 - Friday, June 7th.


I need volunteers to make this happen, so if you are available to help, please contact me directly at fundraising@stfinnbarr.org, as soon as possible.






8th grade parents, feel free to drop your uniforms on the dates, too.

The incoming and existing middle schoolers can use your uniforms.




All my best,
Lena Shaw Espinoza

Evangeline 6th grade




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