Walk-a-thon Updates

Below are details to help you on Walk-a-thon day...

Event Info

SFB Connects Walk-a-thon

Saturday, April 6th

Ruth Asawa SF School of the Arts (SOTA)

555 Portola Dr, San Francisco, CA 94131

Event Times
  • 6:30AM : Transport team with large size/cargo/pick up trucks meet at SFB Hall (park by Edna Street entrance) to load cargo and drive to SOTA
  • 7:30AM : Setup @ SOTA (transport from SFB) - we have been advised that gate may not be opened until 8:00am but hopefully it will be opened earlier.
  • 9:00AM : WAT starts
  • 12:00PM : WAT ends
  • 1:00PM : WAT clean up ends (transport back to SFB)
SOTA Track
Attached is a satellite image of SOTA track. 
-- Parking - the image shows several areas where we can park on campus. There also is street parking on O'Shaughnessy Boulevard.
-- Please do not park in either of two spots near the electrical outlet (bottom right corner of the image). These are reserved for Marius Ramos, who will be our walk-a-thon DJ/emcee and will be setting up on that corner above the track. 
-- Check In - We will set up by the top right corner of the track. That is where all walkers will check in before walking and spirit wear and 8th grade Root Beer Float Sales will be.
-- Please NO FOOD OR DRINK on the track!
Transport Teams
Thank you to those who volunteered to help transport items between SFB and SOTA. We will be moving at least 14 tables, over 20 chairs, about 7 canopies, boxes, and bins/containers of other walk-a-thon supplies
-- Morning transport (have 3)- please park and meet at SFB Hall entrance on Edna Street around 6:30AM. We hope to head over to SOTA before 7:30AM. We also are hoping that the SOTA gate is open to give us campus access before 8:00am
-- Afternoon Transport (have 2) - the walk-a-thon officially ends at 12:00PM when we will try to start loading up to transport supplies back to SFB. We plan to be done at SOTA by 1:00PM
Thank you transport teams!
Volunteer Info
Here is some general heads up for volunteering Saturday
-- All volunteers check in and out - to make sure you get the hours you earn by helping out on Saturday, please make sure to sign in and sign out on the volunteer sheet.
-- Registration Check In/Check Out stations - there will be a registration box for each of the 10 registration lines (one per each K-8th grade and one for SFB staff/general walkers), with a detailed guideline of how to check in participants before they walk, and how to check out each finishing walker. The guidelines are attached. Please contact us with any questions.
-- Lap Counters - new this year is laps will be check marked on the SFB Connects Walk-a-thon t-shirt (with sharpies on the front iPad design). All students and staff have shirts, and some families bought shirts. Those without walk-a-thon shirts will be given the traditional lap card in a lanyard that you will check marked.
-- Lap Patrol - will periodically check the track and make sure there is no litter and that no one is mistreating the track or grassy areas
Thank you volunteers!
Volunteers Still Needed
We usually end up fine on walk-a-thon day with plenty of volunteers but at this moment we are still short of help to check in and check out walkers. Here is the link to sign up online https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0e4cafa72aa3f94-sfbwalkathon
Registration Check In/Check Out - would like to have 2 people for each of the 10 check in lines but at least 1 person for each will work.
-- 9:00am - 10:30am shift - we have 6 volunteers but could use at least 4 more
-- 10:30am - 12:00pm shit - we have 3 volunteers but could use at least 7 more
Please note that on the day of the walk-a-thon, we may need to distribute volunteers to other needed tasks. We hope that you will be flexible if this situation arises. Thank you!

Walker Info
All participants need to check in before the walk-a-thon starts.
-- Check in lines - Students check in at their K-8th grade line. SFB Staff and general walkers all check in at another line for staff/general walkers
-- What you can turn in
---- students that have not turned in Pledge Sheets may turn in the form at check in
---- you are welcome to pay for pledges or donations
-- What you get at check in
---- students will get their class team walk-a-thon shirt to wear as they walk, and laps will be marked on the front of their shirt
---- SFB staff should be wearing their shirts so their laps will be marked on the front design
---- general walkers with no walk-a-thon shirt will get a lap card in a lanyard that will be used to count laps
-- What you do to check out
---- when you finish walking go back to your check in/check out line and show them your lap counter (t-shirt or lap card)
---- return lanyards
---- after the volunteer marks down your number of laps, you will get back your lap card and a finisher certificate
---- students get back a copy of their Pledge Sheet if they turned in before the walk-a-thon
-- Snacks - we will provide light snack foods of water, fruit, and cereal/snack bars
Sales at the Walk-a-thon
-- SFB spirit wear will be laid out for sale. 8th Grade will be selling root beer floats and ice cream as part of their graduation fundraising.
-- We will have iPads for Square payments so that you can pay by credit card, but please bring checks and/or cash just in case tech fails us on Saturday.
Rainy Day Back Up Plan
Heavy rain originally was forecasted for Saturday. Although the forecast looks better we are watching the weather since it always fluctuates. We will send out a confirmation e-mail on Friday, April 5th after 5:00PM to confirm we will continue with SOTA track or to inform you that we will be moving the walk-a-thon indoors to the Parish Hall.
Please contact us with any questions. Thank you for supporting SFB Connects Walk-a-thon and SFB!
Walk-a-thon Co-coordinators
Lynda Taschek (Ileana 4th), volunteer@stfinnbarr.org
Christina Sarracino (Julian 2nd, Cecilia K), vicechair@stfinnbarr.org