Havelock Bridge Beautification

Thank you to Amanda Danaher, St. Finn Barr parent, for providing the information for this important community project!
My name is Amanda Danaher. My family, including 4 kids and a dog, has lived in Sunnyside for over 15 years. We frequently use the Havelock Pedestrian Bridge which spans I-280, connecting Sunnyside to Balboa Park.  It is used by many Sunnyside residents to get to Balboa Park’s playground, dog park, and pool, as well as many schools in Mission Terrace and the Balboa BART station.
My neighbor Christine Weibel and I have worked to get a proposal for beautification of the bridge on the District 7 Participatory Budgeting 2019 April ballot! 
In addition to this vote, community involvement has already brought and will bring significant improvement to this pedestrian bridge:
  • Christine and I also submitted a separate proposal for a crosswalk at the Sunnyside exit of the bridge.  Supervisor Yee and Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee agreed this crosswalk will be implemented without need for a vote
  • most of the ivy on the ramps on the Mission Terrace end of the bridge has been cut back
  • the lights on the bridge, which had been out for a while, are back on, and are also on the PUC’s schedule for conversion to LED
  • the area in front of the Sunnyside end of the bridge has been weeded and planted
Improving the Havelock Street Bridge’s appearance will make the bridge feel safer, further encourage its use, and turn it into a community asset!