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The Birthday Book Club is back!  This is a special way of honoring your child’s birthday with the donation of a hardcover book to the school library!  Parents/guardians may purchase a new hardcover book that the child has chosen and send to the school office with the slip attached below.  Books may be donated at any time during the school year.  

  • -       A photo of the birthday child will be taken at school with the book he/she chooses and will be displayed in the Library during the child’s birthday month. This photo will be sent home with your child at the end of the year to keep and enjoy. Summer birthdays will be displayed the last month of school.
  • A bookplate will be placed in the book with your child’s name and birthday.
  • -       The new book will be added to the Library.  Your child will be the first to check out the book he/she donated!
  • The student will receive a special certificate.


If you would like to donate a book for your child’s birthday, please fill out the form attached below and send it to school along with the newly purchased book.

Digital Literacy
The Internet opens up a world of knowledge.  While parental supervision is always recommended, the following is a list of kid-safe websites for our young researchers to explore:
KidRex - 
Quintura for Kids - 
Dibdabdoo -  
Fact Monster - 

Read-Aloud Storytime
It is important that parents read to their children each day - even as little as 15 minutes a day!  Reading to our children has so many benefits.  Listening to a book helps kids develop better concentration and listening skills, engages their imagination, increases vocabulary and enhances their desire to become an enthusiastic reader!

In addition to daily parent-child storytime, families can also include online read alouds and audio books as part of their child's literacy activities.

Storyline Online - Brought to us from the Screen Actors Guild Foundation.  It includes 20+ books read aloud by some famous actors/actresses.  A big bonus is that each book has related activities and a downloadable activity guide offered. 

Storynory - Offers a great selection of classic stories, fairy tales, original stories and educational tales. 


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