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SCRIP Update – December 2016

Hello SFB Families,


Welcome to SFB’s Scrip Program. Scrip is fundraising with your everyday purchases at various stores. That is, when you shop at certain retailers they will give a percentage of your purchases to SFB. You do not need to spend any more money than you normally do. Scrip is easy and free!


 Some important notes about Scrip:


  1.      MandatoryAll “fully participating” families are required to participate in Scrip. “Non-participating” families are exempt but welcome to participate. 
  1.      Time PeriodScrip purchases from May 1st through April 30th qualify towards family Scrip for the current school year. Scrip shopping is continuous, therefore, purchases after May 1st will count towards the following school year.
  1.      Minimum Requirement“Fully participating” families must purchase $3,000 in Scrip during the Scrip time period. Families will pay a scrip balance fee of 10% of Scrip remaining after May 1st. For example, if you purchase $2,000, you will pay a $100 fee (10% of the $1,000 Scrip balance).
  1.      How Your Scrip is Tracked – SFB offers several Scrip options, many that provide your Scrip purchase info directly to the Scrip Coordinator. To earn Scrip for several of our Scrip options, however, you must provide your purchase information: CEI Hot Lunch, Office Depot/Office Max, Rainbow Grocery Gift Card Reloads, Shoparoo, Sports Basement “Basementeer”. Submit these monthly to keep your family Scrip total up-to-date (do not wait until the end of the school year).

  2.      Friends/Family – Everyone is welcome to participate in SFB’s Scrip Program. Invite family, friends, and coworkers to sign up for SFB’s Scrip Programs in support of your family.
  1.      Double Scrip Some Scrip programs overlap so you can earn Scrip from some retailers by more than one way (examples are using Shoparoo and gift cards for Safeway and Lucky).
  1.      Buy Out OptionYou may opt out of Scrip by paying a $300 buyout fee by July 1st. Please contact the Scrip Coordinator to discuss how you can meet Scrip before paying the buyout.
  1.      Safeway – In the past, many families depended on eScrip and their Safeway shopping to meet their SFB Scrip requirement. Unfortunately Safeway withdrew from the eScrip program effective August 1, 2015. You can still earn Scrip for SFB by continuing your Safeway shopping and using other Scrip programs already in place at SFB. See information below for buying Scrip gift cards and Shoparoo.
  1.      Lucky/SaveMart - Lucky ended its S.H.A.R.E.S reward program before the 2016-2017 school year but is now part of eScrip. You can earn Scrip for SFB by using one of your eScrip-registered payment cards at Lucky and using other Scrip programs already in place at SFB. See information below for buying Scrip gift cards and Shoparoo.
  1.      Target – Target ended its “Take Charge of Education” (TCOE) rewards program. You can still earn Scrip for SFB by using other Scrip programs already in place at SFB. See information below for buying Scrip gift cards and Shoparoo.
  1.      Costco - Costco is no longer accepting American Express gift cards or credit cards. You can still earn Scrip for SFB by using other Scrip programs already in place at SFB. See information below for buying Scrip gift cards and Shoparoo.
  1.      New Scrip Options – Fundraising programs constantly change. While we lost a few retailers, we gained other Scrip retailers including Office Depot/Office Max and Sports Basement. See information on these Scrip retailers below.


Scrip topics detailed below (please take the time to read this important info):


  1. eScrip (including Mollie Stone’s, Lucky/SaveMart, Fresh & Easy)
  2. Scrip Gift Cards (including Rainbow Grocery)
  3. Children’s Empowerment Inc. (CEI Hot Lunch Program)
  4. Office Depot/Office Max
  5. Shoparoo
  6. Sports Basement
  7. Tips for Specific Retailers
  8. Family Shopping Receipts



    1.          ESCRIP
 photo logo_1 copy_zps1jjapepv.jpg

eScrip is an easy way to earn Scrip, especially if you shop at grocery stores including Mollie Stone’s, Lucky/SaveMart, Fresh & Easy, Cal-Mart, Draeger’s, Food 4 Less and many other grocery stores in SF and the Bay Area. See the attached list or click here to see the extensive list of nationwide grocery stores and other merchants on eScrip. Register grocery store, debit/ATM and credit cards at using SFB’s enrollment code 136588773. Alternatively, complete the attached eScrip signup form and submit to the Scrip Coordinator.


 photo fne-logo copy_zpsfvrf1svu.jpg

Get a Friends rewards card at Fresh & Easy ( or at Wild Oats and register it on your account. For every $1 you spend at Fresh & Easy, you earn 1 point. You can convert your points to $1 for every 100 points once you have earned 500 points.

 photo MollieStoneLogo_zpsqcyzajxo.jpg

Get a Mollie Stone’s Community Card at your local store and register it on Mollie Stone’s ( will give SFB up to 5% on your total monthly purchases:

 photo CommunityCard_B_zpsutnira3g.jpg

$1-$200 = 1%

$201-$400 = 2%

$401-$500 = 3%

$501-$600 = 4%

Over $600 = 5%



Other ways to earn Scrip using eScrip include the following:

 A. Family of Merchants Various other grocery stores and retailers give Scrip rebates when you shop using your eScrip-registered cards. See the attached list of click here to see the eScrip Family of Merchants for northern California and nationwide.

 B. eScrip Dining Register for “eScrip Dining”, and earn up to 5% for SFB when you dine at participating restaurants.
 photo 2139872178355930942 copy_zpsopcvy728.jpg

C. eScrip Online Mall When you shop online, login to your eScrip account and shop through the “eScrip Online Mall” to earn Scrip with your online purchases.

 photo escrip_online_mall_zpsetpledbp.jpg

D. Benefit Mobile App

Buy and redeem digital gift cards instantly while earning up to 20% of your purchases when you pay with Benefit. Download the app and register in support of “St. Finn Barr Catholic School”. Pay by credit card or by debiting your checking account. Gift cards purchased by debiting your checking account provide a greater return to SFB.


**Tip – You can earn double Scrip when you shop at eScrip grocery stores when you upload the receipts to Shoparoo (see below).

 photo escrip-benmo copy_zpsjphkc2bu.jpg



 photo shop w scrip copy_zpsh9duru5w.jpg

Buy gift cards at SFB for 100s of national retailers. Gift cards primarily are sold by purchase request; only a small amount of gift cards are kept on hand. See the attached documents to see the available retailers listed alphabetically or by category (type of retailer). Download the most updated retailer list at SFB also sells gift cards for a few local stores (Rainbow Grocery, Pacific Super, and Guerra’s).


Submit your gift card order with full payment to the Scrip Coordinator by Tuesday mornings to receive your order during the following week. Use the attached gift card order form or e-mail the Scrip Coordinator with your order. Payment may be made by cash or check made payable to “St. Finn Barr Scrip Program.” 


Alternatively place your orders online.  Register at Please email for the enrollment code. Send payment to the Scrip Coordinator or by using PrestoPay.


Additional highlights of ShopWithScrip include:

 A. PrestoPay Sign up for PrestoPay to pay online for gift card orders by automatically debiting your bank account. A $0.15 service fee applies per order. 
 photo prestopay_zps52jsydfj.jpg


B. ScripNow! With PrestoPay, you can purchase electronic gift cards immediately. The list of “ScripNow!” cards is constantly updated.

 photo Scrip Now_zpsmo9zassb.jpg

C. Reloadable Cards With PrestoPay, you can purchase reloadable gift cards. The list of reloadable gift cards is constantly updated.

 photo reload_thumb_zpsa1dddain.jpg

D. Favorites Make future shopping quicker and easier by creating a “favorites” gift card list.

 photo my-favorites-favorite-folder-icon copy_zpsas85tgh9.jpg

E. Popular Stores Gift cards are available for 100s of stores. Examples include Sprouts Farmers Market, Safeway, Whole Foods Market, Macy’s, Target, Starbucks, and Chevron Gas. Search the online list of retailers to find the stores where you shop. If you do not gift cards for your store, you can purchase American Express gift cards if your store accepts American Express charges.


**Tip – You can earn double Scrip for grocery stores by buying Scrip gift cards to pay for your purchases and uploading your receipts to Shoparoo (see below).




The Children’s Empowerment Inc. (CEI Hot Lunch Program) gives $0.25 to SFB for every hot lunch purchased for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Sign up at using SFB’s password “sfb1”. To earn Scrip you must submit your order history (found on your home page) every month.

 photo CEI_FB_logo_zps28zbz8ku.jpg

Schools are credited 5% of school and office supplies purchased at Office Depot, Office Max or at Schools will receive a merchandise certificate to use for free supplies every quarter when they have earned $10 or more in credits. The certificate is issued within 60 days after the end of each quarter. Click here for a list of qualifying products. Use ID 70014039 to support “St Finn Barr School”.


**Tip – You can earn double Scrip by buying Scrip gift cards to pay for your purchases.

 photo Office_Depot_Inc._Stacked_zps9uc7m4dx.jpg     photo GiveBackToSchoolsSquare copy_zps7k8klevw.jpg



Shoparoo is a free iPhone and Android app that turns pictures of your shopping receipts into donations for SFB. It's quick, easy, and convenient and can be used for just about all your purchases. Download the app from to your smart phone, register in support of “St Finn Barr Catholic School”, and use the app to take pictures of your shopping receipts within 14 days of purchase. To earn Scrip with your Shoparoo purchases, you must submit screen captures of the list of receipts stored on the app. Submit these monthly.


Grocery receipts from almost any store qualify for Roo Points ($500 Roo Points = $1)


< $10 = 10 Roo Points

$10 - $50 = 20 Roo Points

$50 - $100 = 30 Roo Points

$100+ = 40 Roo Points


Non-grocery receipts from restaurants and other retailers earn entries into Shoparoo sweepstakes for cash prizes.


**Tip – This is an easy way to earn Scrip from your purchases made at grocery stores that do not have Scrip programs, including Safeway, Costco, Target, and Trader Joe’s.

 photo unnamed_zps85xxvptr.png



Sports Basement’s Basementeer Loyalty program gives you 10% of all of your purchases and 10% of your purchases are donated back to SFB. Sign up at any of the six Bay Area locations for a $25 membership fee. Select St. Finn Barr as your school to support. The 10% Basementeer discount may also apply on top of current in-store sales discounts. Submit your receipts monthly.

 photo dark_green_transparent_400x225 copy_zps3xjwms4b.jpg   photo SchoolFlyerBasementeers_web_large copy_zpsretuhudg.jpg


Some of our popular retailers no longer have or never had a Scrip rebate reward program but you can still earn Scrip at SFB when you shop there. Consider these examples:


Lucky/SaveMart, Safeway, and Target

These retailers ended rebate rewards programs that benefitted our school. You still can earn SFB Scrip when you shop here by purchasing gift cards through SFB and uploading your receipts to Shoparoo.


Costco and Trader Joe’s

Neither of these retailers have rebate programs that gave back to our school or offer Scrip gift cards. You still can earn SFB Scrip by purchasing Visa gift cards at SFB to use for your purchases and by uploading your receipts to Shoparoo.




Some retailers offer rebate rewards to SFB but do not provide your purchase information to our Scrip Program. To earn scrip from these retailers, individuals/families must submit copies of their purchase orders/receipts to be added into your SFB Scrip. It is recommended to send your receipts monthly to the Scrip Coordinator for the following retailers: CEI hot lunch, eScrip Benefit Mobile, Office Depot/Office Max, Rainbow Grocery gift card reload receipts, Shoparoo screen captures, and Sports Basement Basementeer.



Please feel free to contact the Scrip Coordinator with any questions. Thank you for supporting SFB with your participation in our Scrip Program!



SFB Scrip Coordinator



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