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January 22, 2016


Dear St. Finn Barr Parents,


Every year at this time, we like to share a “Litany of Welcome” (published by As we prepare for an exciting and event-filled Catholic School’s Week this month, we are once again reminded of how blessed we are to belong to a community of families, teachers, staff, and students who are committed to living the Gospel values within a culture that says, “Welcome!”


Litany of Welcome


Who are you? Are you divorced? Are you married with kids, worrying for them and committed to their welfare? Are you married for the second, or even third time? Are you a single parent struggling to make ends meet? Are you gay or lesbian? Well, whoever you are, you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here today. Christ sets this table of Word and Bread. And Christ welcomes all.


Are you lonely? Are you a widow? Are you a single man or woman who would prefer to have a spouse? Are you disabled or disfigured? Have you run out of luck? Are you living with shame? Have you been a prisoner? Well, whoever you are you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here today. Christ sets this table of Word and Bread. And Christ welcomes all.


Are you a newcomer here? An immigrant, maybe? Are you from another faith tradition? Are you full of doubt today, like Thomas? Has it been a while since you darkened the doorway of this church? Or are you a regular here, full of faith and enthusiasm for the parish? Well, whoever you are, you belong to us because you belong to Christ. Christ is the host here today. Christ sets this table of Word and Bread. And Christ welcomes all.


All people of good will are welcome here: that’s the really good news!


If you’ve been away, you can come back; if you’ve been living in darkness, you can come to light; if you haven’t been able to believe without seeing Him, look around you: the Body of Christ has come to Mass today. Sinners are welcome. Saints, too. Everyone is welcome to come to Christ: My Lord and my God, indeed.





January 22, 2016


Baby Mortonson is here! We are thrilled to announce that our dear principal, Mrs. Mele Mortonson, and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby girl on December 20th at 9:24am. Catherine Maria arrived weighing 7lbs 14oz and 21 inches long. Everyone is happy and healthy!

 photo PhotoGrid_1453143019151.jpg


Welcome Sister Pauline Borghello, SM to campus. Sister Pauline is on campus Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Mrs. Mortonson is on leave. She is available to provide administrative support to faculty and parents on these days. For any immediate issues, please contact Mrs. Karen O’Reilly.


Christmas Concert! Huge thank you to everyone that helped make this year’s Christmas Concert a truly beautiful event. The theater was packed with family and friends beaming with joy at the wonderful performances from each class. Special thanks to Chrisoula Novo for your time and efforts to make this such a fabulous event year after year.


Off to the Races was a huge success! While the final numbers are not yet in, we do know that at this point the event has made a profit of 24k! Wow! Thank you to our Parent Board leadership for all of your organization and hard work. The auction did amazingly well this year as well, raising approximately 11k! Thank you to our Auction team – Monique Alonso, Elizabeth Ristaino, Carol Junsay, Vickie Martinez and John Eggert! The polaroid “photo booth”, made possible by Elizabeth Ristaino and Tara Francisco, was a lot of fun! If you haven’t seen the photos, head over to our St. Finn Barr Smug Mug gallery to view them:


New mosaic art by Dr. Mani. We continue to be blessed by the talents of our friend, Dr. Richard Mani, who made the beautiful new crucifix art for each classroom. He has created a beautiful mosaic backdrop adorning the statue of the Virgin Mary to brighten our hallway. Thank you, Dr. Mani!

 photo IMG_20160115_103350.jpg


Spring Enrichment! The deadline to register for our Spring Enrichment programs is January 22nd. Please refer to the Enrichment section of our website to learn about the various programs we are offering this spring, along with registration forms for each.





Catholic Schools Week kicks off on Thursday, January 28th this year and ends on Thursday, February 4th. This is an important week to celebrate Catholic education around the world under the theme: Communities of Faith, Knowledge, Service. At St. Finn Barr we will celebrate Catholic Schools Week with special events every day of the week!


Thursday, January 28th: Spreading the Good News
Full Uniform Dress (walking shoes)
11:30am Peace Parade – signed permission slips required to participate


Friday, January 29th: Celebrating Our Global Community
Cultural Dress Day (any culture!)


Sunday, January 31st: Celebrating Our Faith
10:00am Family Mass
11:00am-12:30pm Open House/Reception


Monday, February 1st: Celebrating Our Shamrock Spirit
Shamrock Spirit Dress
1:15pm Spirit Rally


Tuesday, February 2nd: Celebrating Learning
Crazy Hair Day
1:00-3:00pm Science Fair (Goode Hall) – Parents/Guests welcome!


Wednesday, February 3rd: Celebrating Family
Full Uniform Dress
Grandparents/Special Persons’ Day
9:30am Prayer Service & Reception


Thursday, February 4th: Celebrating Joy In Our Lives!
Pajama Day





1.22    8th Grade Graduation Pictures

Deadline to register for Spring Enrichment programs

End of 2nd Quarter


1.23    Zydeco Dinner Dance

French American Summer Camp Fair (9:30am-12:30pm @ French American International School Gymnasium)


1.25    Minimum Day 12:30 Dismissal


1.28    Peace Parade (11:30am; Full Uniform)


1.29    Cultural Dress Day

2nd Quarter Report Cards


1.31     Family Mass (10:00am)

Open House & Reception (11:00am-12:30pm)


2.1       Shamrock Spirit Day

Spirit Rally (1:15pm)


2.2      Crazy Hair Day

Science Fair (1:00-3:00pm in Goode Hall)


2.3      Grandparents/Special Persons’ Day

9:30am Prayer Service, followed by reception in Goode Hall


2.4      2nd Quarter Honor Roll Awards

Pajama Day


2.5      Archdiocesan Educators Conference – No School