SFB's First FUNraiser! for Fall


Many parents have asked when we’d have more movies, so as I promised at Back to School Night…let’s get it started!!  New parents: this is not mandatory, however, it’s just super fun, so you’ll want to sign-up early for this event because it will sell out fast…



                                  Fall into our First FUNraiser of the Year!


What is it?

-Your K-6th grade child(ren) will have dinner, watch a movie on the big screen, and have lots of fun in the safe environment of our school!


When is it?

-Friday, December 1

6 – 9:30pm (please pick-up no later than 9:45pm)


Who benefits?


Children have fun with their buddies while doing activities/playing games, eating dinner and watching a movie!

-Parents have a few hours on a Friday for a date-night, chill-at-home night, or holiday shopping!


Need parent service hours?  We’ll need a few volunteers and dinner donations to make this happen.


This is truly a win-win for us all.


Please sign-up your child(ren) directly at fundraising@stfinnbarr.org with their full name and grade in the subject.  To donate the dinner, please also email me with “Movie Dinner” in the subject line. 


The SFB Theater (Goode Hall) will hold only 30 seats, so it’s first come, first served!  Admission ticket is $30 and $20 for each additional child.  It'll be super fun...don't be left out!!


Let’s Do This Shamrocks!!



Lena Shaw Espinoza

Fundraising Coordinator

Evangeline 5th